International Moving Service

International Moving Service

Reliable Moving Service to Overseas !

Rational systems save the costs !

When you move to Europe, North or South America, Oceania, Asia or other countries in the world,

PAKMAIL’s reliable moving services are useful to get there safely.
Mainly, from Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Kansai area,

We provide various type of services through our surefooted network of carriers.
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Save the costs !

If you move back to your home country, or you speak same language you move to, PAKMAIL suggest to choose “Door to Port” system to save the total moving costs.

The local services like truck delivery to your new residence, are always expensive if you ask them from overseas.

After we delivery your shipment to the nearest port you move to, you can ask there to delivery service and other services.
As a consequence of doing this process, you can save the total moving costs !

You can also choose this “Door to Port” system for moving to inland cities like Paris, Frankfurt, Denver etc..
We arrange “Door to Port” systems for more than 400 cities in the world.

Chart for “Door to Port”system

In Japan

  1. Prepare boxes
    Prepare boxes

    Prepare strong boxes first.
    We can provide them if you hope.

  2. Start packing
    Start packing

    Pack your belongings by yourself. For fragile thing like computer, We do special packing for it.

  3. Pick up
    Pick up

    Our English speaking stuff pick your beongings up and explain what you do in the destination.

  4. Transport

    Deliver to PAKMAIL


    Packing for fragile things with various materials. As to the volume of your stuff, we make pallets, and we pile your stuff up on them

  6. Transport

    Transport to Kobe or Osaka port for export.

  7. Kobe or Osaka Port
    Kobe or Osaka Port

    Clear customs and ship them.

  8. Transport

    Navigation to destination country

  9. The nearest port in destination country.
    The nearest port in destination country

    Arrive at the nearest port you move to. And storage at warehouse.

In the destination country

  1. Vessel Company agent
    Vessel Company agent

    Shipping agent give you “Arrival notice” beore your shipment arrive. It shows you the arrival date, which warehouse will be storaged, how much port duties are.

  2. Warehouse & Customs
    Warehouse & Customs

    Customs clearance and pay port duties.
    (You can ask agent to do this procedures.)

  3. Transport

    Transport your shipmnet to your residence.
    (You can ask agent to do this procedures.)

  4. Your new residence

    The shipment arrive

* What you do in the destination country, we inform you in detail before you leave Japan.

We ship your fragile things safely !

Even if you ship a computer, a doll with glass case, valuable furniture a musical instrument, etc…please leave it to PAKMAIL.

Rational systems save the costs!

The ocean freight, the most popular means for international moving is decided “Capacity” and “Weight”of the shipment.

And in many cases, the charge for the removal freight is decided by “Capacity”, if you not ship heavy things like a mass of stone or iron.

The calculation method of “Capacity”, measures the points where the point where length is the longest, the point where width is the widest, and height are the highest with the shipment put on the pallets.

When the palletes not to fit the size of shipment are used, it becomes easy to make blank space, and as a consequences of doing it, you have to pay “useless ocean freight”.

So we PAKMAIL make custom-made pallets for the shipment at our factories, to save this “useless ocean freight”. According to our rational rate system, you can save the the total moving costs.

Major countries we move to
Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech, Spain, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea etc…

When you have questions for Shipping and Packing, please contact us without hesitation !