Shipping Shellwork Wall Hangings from Nishinomiya to Paris by air. 発送 梱包

Customer who lived in Paris ordered us shipping shellwork hangings from her parent’s home Nishinomiya to Paris.






















After protecting the surface of each shellwork by soft materials, we packed them in custom-made carton box individually.

Put the white buffer material on the base of the outer box. Then we piled the boxes packed wall hangings up and fastened on the base .

Put wooden beams for protecting from damage when other cargo stacked on the box during air transportation.

★ The box is easy to unpack  and recycle at destination. ★

The box is made of reinforced carton is very strong and hard one like wood and easy to recycle at the destination country.

The black band is also strong, but it’s easy to cut  with household scissors.

We ship it by FedEx, and customer could get it without damage.

We PAKMAIL is Authorized Ship Center of FedEx.