Japanese antique furniture and sundries goods to Marseilles, France. 発送 梱包

PAKMAIL’s one of most valued foreign client who has Japanese antique and sundries goods shop in Marseilles, France came to Japan  this spring.

They visited Kyoto and Nara to buy Japanese antique cupboard, drawers, table, sewing box, kimono, pottery, lacquer ware and so on.

We packed and ship them carefully to Marseilles by sea.


Small antique drawers




Table for Japanese tatami room and board for Japanese traditional game “go “.

*** Packing for big antique cupboard with glass size: 173x52x174cm ***

We pack big antique cupboard has glass by reinforced corrugated fibreboard.





At first, we pack cupboard with soft material no to be scratched.  About glass parts, we pack into box with much buffer materials.

We make custom-made  reinforced corrugated fibreboard case. Put white buffer board on bottom part of the case, then we pile cupboard and glass parts up on it.

Wooden beams (★) were prepared so that it might be OK, even when other loads were placed on a cupboard during transportation.

(★) For wooden beam, we use heat treated one based on international wodpacking                   material regulation ISPM No. 15.

  Reinforced corrugated fibreboard case which is easy to unpack by household scissors and recyclable packing material.




All items were packed 3  reinforced corrugated fibreboard cases and ship from Kobe port.




 Pakmail’s most valued foreign client, beautiful family.