Low cost Moving Service to Overseas

Low cost Moving Service to Overses Low cost Moving Service to Overseas

We PAKMAIL provide moving service

We PAKMAIL provide moving service, “Door to Door” and “Door to Port”
Ofcourse, “Door to Door” service is convenient way to ship your belongings to desitination.
But if you think “Cheaper is better” or “Do it yourself what you can”, “Door to Port service is advantageous to you to save total costs.

And PAKMAIL making just sized pallets for shipping and rational rate systems help total cost down some more.
Our reliable shipping network provide “Door to Port” service to over 400 points include inland cities like Frankfurt, Paris, Denver etc..
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  • 梱包作業
  • 発送作業
  • 発送作業

Abundant experience and track records propose “Safe and Economical Moving service”.

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  1. Q1Heavy things such as Books is costly for shipping ?
    If you choose Sea service for moving, you don’t mind “weight”of each shipment nervously unless you packed quite heavy items like the lump of a stone or iron.
  2. Q2What are prohibited items for shipping ?
    Please do not put the following into your shipment.
    Documents ・ Books Political instigation documents, Pornographies etc.
    Animals and plants Processed goods which were made from the animals and plants to which dealings are forbidden by the Washington Convention
    Valuables Cash, Negotiable securities, Stock certificate, etc.
    Chemicals Bleach, Toxic substance, Highly poisonous substance, etc.
    Dangerous goods Aerosol type spray, Fireworks, lighter, and paint etc.
    Others Illegal things, such as weapons, ammunition, and drugs etc.
    * In addition, there may be original regulation by the destination country.
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